Tours - Dog Sledding in Hälsingland

We arrange different kinds of tours, from shorter coffee tours to lunch- and guided 2-5 day tours. Everyone can join our tours - from winter tourists who want to try dog sledding, the family who wants an extraordinary experience and to companies and travel agents who want to offer their guests something extra. No experience is needed.

Of course you can also buy gift cards to give away as a Christmas gift or birthday present.

On most tours two adults drive a sled with 5-6 dogs, depending on the condition of the trail. One is the musher (driver) running the dog team and the other one sits in the sled, and then you take turns. In the first place children go together with their parents in the parents' sled. Children/young people under 18 are not allowed to drive the sled for safety reasons, because they usually do not have enough weight to slow down/stop the dog team. Exceptions may occur, but it is always the guide's decision to distribute the sleds based upon the existing circumstances/conditions. The guide's decision cannot be questioned. On our tours a guide always runs the first sled to show the way.
Remember to dress warmly, especially hands and feet! And do not forget the cap!